How To Make Kitchen Island Cabinet From Bookshelves

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Kitchen Island Cabinets Diy

Today, this article want to talk about the multi-function furniture, it is kitchen island cabinets. This one is the most common furniture in the modern kitchen because it has a lot of benefits. Then, the benefit of this item is all of side of this cabinet can be used. This kitchen island provides some place where people can eat and sit in the kitchen without going so far. Below, we will try to make it by ourselves.

The step to build kitchen island cabinet

The first step to build our own kitchen island cabinets, we need to find two bookshelves with identical size and style. If you want to build the colorful kitchen island, you can paint the book shelves before you gather it. Then, you have to decide how long the countertop that you want. At least the long depth of the countertop will be fit with the depth of those bookshelves, but you need to give an extra to build a lip in the counter.


The next step to make your own kitchen island cabinets is purchasing the countertop. You can use batcher block as the countertop because it is easy to clean, the price is cheap, and then it will good for using in the kitchen. The last is adding two doors in one side to make it look more solid.

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